Calm interiors furniture


Stay in opposition to the hurrying world, stay alone for a moment with your thoughts, in the comfort of your apartment, in your favorite spot. Our furniture exists to help you create a perfectly peaceful place.

Polish brand,
with Scandinavian spirit

Everything, starting from the first design made on paper, through production to packaging and shipping, takes place in the suburb of Czestochowa.

It is there, surrounded by serenity, we produce furniture and accessories of the highest quality interiors.

There is no significant difference between the artist and the craftsman. […] Let’s create the union of the craftsmen and demolish the wall of the arrogant wall, and cut off the artisans from the artists!

Walter Gropius, at the opening of the artistic and craft Bauhaus university- April 1919

After less than 100 years, these words are still valid. Our designers are wondering what problems the products have to solve, what to serve and what are their functions. Craftsmen representing different technologies are responsible for the highest quality of workmanship. We firmly believe that only the combination of these two worlds can provide functionality, beauty and durability.

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